Support Your Local Dealer

Support Your Local Dealer
Support Your Local Dealer
Thanks so much for your support so far! We were able to donate about 17.000€ to the projects you find below! Wow!

For upcoming pre-orders: We ship within the next 4-6 weeks

Support Your Local Dealer
Support Your Local Dealer

Its a pre-order to save overproductions:
We are shipping within the next 4-6 weeks

Support Your Local Dealer
Support Your Local Dealer

Its a pre-order to save overproductions:
We are shipping within the next 4-6 weeks

Support Your Local Dealer
Support Your Local Dealer

Its a pre-order to save overproductions:
We are shipping within the next 4-6 weeks

Support Your Local Dealer
Support Your Local Dealer
Wear it as a moving poster

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This T-Shirt is a non-profit project. Support NGOs, small business owners and people in financial need now. All profit is shared equally among the supported business and projects you find below.

Where the money goes

We want to stay transparent, so that you know where your money is going to!

The collected profit will be divided in equal parts (exclusiv us) depending on the number of supported projects you find below.

T-Shirt = 30€

15 € Production costs (print & colors, fabric & organization)
+ 15 € Financial support to the listed projects below! (minus taxes)

Printed in Berlin on fairtrade fabric

–> T-Shirt Size Chart

Supported Projects so far

–> "BOMBING 4 PEACE" T-Shirt

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung (Berlin), BLM Together We Push (Düsseldorf), Projekt Tracksrunner, Verband BRG (Berlin), Mission Lifeline (Dresden)


BLM Together We Push (Düsseldorf), Rave Awareness Team der Club Commission Berlin (Berlin), Mission Lifeline (Dresden), fiftyfifty Strassenmagazin (Düsseldorf)


Spouts of Water (Uganda), Arts Of The Working Class (London, Berlin), Mission Lifeline (Dresden), fiftyfifty Strassenmagazin (Düsseldorf)

–> "WORLD TOUR" T-Shirt

Pivo Bar (Leipzig), Rimini (Leipzig), New Fall Festival (Düsseldorf),, Rooooom e.V. (Düsseldorf), Nest Cafe (Berlin), XYZ Design Festival, Manko Cafe&Workspace (Düsseldorf), Cafe Hüftgold (Düsseldorf), Mission Lifeline (Dresden), fiftyfifty Strassenmagazin (Düsseldorf)

… more to come

You need support?

Send us an email with the following information an we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

  1. Your name
  2. Information about your project
  3. The business/sector you work in
  4. Your business PayPal-address

Give us a moment, while we look at your submission and decide, if it makes a good fit with SYLD.

We reserve to curate the selection of projects that SYLD supports, SYLD being a non-profit run intervention project itself, only having very limited resources and capacities.

Mail to:

You want to support others?

Pre-order your T-Shirt now, give your money to people and organizations, that need it and get your T-Shirt within the next weeks.

You want to be a sponsor?

This project is non-profit.
We handle all costs on own risks therefore we are interested in collaborating with good brands, projects or organisations who support the same values we do. No Sexism. No Racism. No Hate. The graphic print of the “Support T-Shirt” has space for your logos or your claims.

Please get in contact via or Instagram


“Solidarithek” is a non-profit organization and our way of dealing with the current crisis, with jobs disappearing and small businesses and creative ventures struggling big time. If you want to get to know us, collaborate or talk, meet us on Instagram or write us to <3

The non-profit organization “Solidarithek” is founded by people from different fields of work: Freelancers from arts and culture, hospitality, non-profit organisations and the collective Studio_thek from Berlin and Düsseldorf.

You want to be part of "Solidarithek" and represent the SYLD-Project? Write us a mail. Everyone welcome <3


If you want to support other projects as well, please follow the link below and check out our list. All listed projects have the same purpose as SYLD: Supporting those which are negatively affected by the Corona crisis.

–> Friends

Thanks to all of them for acting and thanks to you for supporting us and/or them!

Thanks for the support so far <3

Concept & Design: Deniz
Silkprinting/Production: Shimmi
Support: Stefan & Eirini
Project Management & Rights: Vera & Oli
Text&SocialMedia: Valerie-Siba & Maximiliane
Coding: Marco

InternalProcesses & Finance: Sven
Typography: Raoul & Charlotte
IG Filter: Ümüt & Jannes
Animation: Kilian
Support: Christof


Thanks so much for the wonderful diverse and international artists who submitted their artworks: Big Up to Anja Kaiser (Leipzig), Balcony Boys (Melbourne), Been.Laden (Jerusalem), BüroBumBum (Berlin), Charlotte Rohde (Amsterdam), Chez Pawel (Berlin), Christophe Synak (Berlin), Chndy (Riyadh), Dan Künzler (Basel), Dinamo Typefaces (Basel/Berlin), Deniz Weber (Berlin), Eike König (Berlin), Electric Uwe (Leipzig), Emirhakin (Earth), Fresh Max (Vienna), Forward Festival (Vienna), Gregor Maria Sahl (Cologne), Hans Berger (Cologne/Berlin), Ines Cox (Antwerp), Jack Young (Berlin), Jules Durand (Marseille), Kiosq Supply (Düsseldorf), KJ263 (Düsseldorf), Lina Ehrentraut (Leipzig), Lilly Friedeberg (Düsseldorf), Luyu Zou (Hannover), Manuel Boden (Düsseldorf), Marco Cucuiu (Berlin), Marc Smith (Düsseldorf/Amsterdam), Marco Land (Berlin), Marcus Dixon (Newcastle), Massimiliano Audretsch (Düsseldorf), Max Fiedler (Düsseldorf), Studio Mirko Borsche (Munich) Morphoria Design Collective (Düsseldorf), Nikita Kusto (Berlin), Open Store (Basel), Othmar Handl (Vienna), (P) Patrick Mariathasan (Hamburg), Piotr Zapasnik (Berlin), Raoul Gottschling (New York) (S) Seb Holl-Trieu (Berlin), Selva Holiday Enterprise (Algarve), Sophia Krasomil (Leipzig), Studio Jimbo (Paris), Sports Club Official (Zurich), Superblast (Berlin), Swiss Typefaces (Vevey/London), (T) T-Data (Leipzig), Team Flightmode (International), (U) Uwe Bermeitinger (Hamburg), (V) Valerie-Siba Rousparast (Berlin), Victor Tattooz (Berlin/Bonn), (W) WTF Office (Berlin), Workout Services (Berlin), (X) Xavier Monney (Lausanne), Zwupp (Graz) –> more to come..

Thanks for your support by spreading the project on your channels: ItsNiceThat, Form. Design Magazine (Frankfurt am Main), Overkill (Berlin), TheDorf (Düsseldorf), Viva Con Aqua (Hamburg), Millerntor Gallery (Hamburg), Backspin Magazine (Hamburg) & Molotow

If you like to share our project and idea, you find all infos and graphics HERE.